Editorial | 20 October 2021

Six Reasons Tactical Footwear is Suitable for the Police

We look at how the Tactical Footwear range stacks up against real world use by members of the police.

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Earlier in 2021 Blackrock launched our industry changing Tactical Footwear range. Designed in conjunction with the emergency services, several years of research went into developing our first seven Tactical styles as we looked to address some key issues and gaps in the market.

Six months on and with plenty of feedback, we look at a selection of reviews from verified purchases by members of the police and assess how certain key features stack up against real world use to help answer the question: Is Blackrock Tactical Footwear a good choice for the police?


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“They are extremely comfortable and flexible. This was immediately apparent just putting them on. I have spent quite a few hours in them, and they are great. Would definitely recommend and will get another pair in due course”

Steve – Police

“I was surprised at how comfortable and lightweight the boots are and would even go as far to say I prefer them over my other top brand boots”

Kelly – Police

All styles in the Tactical Footwear Range are metal free and contain a padded EAZISTEP insole, engineered to reduce fatigue for those spending many hours each day on their feet.

Unique to Blackrock, the penetration-resistant midsole is made from a flexible composite material, which offers high levels of protection against hazards penetrating from below. All components including the midsole are metal-free, reducing the weight of the footwear and playing a key part in preventing fatigue, keeping patrol officers comfortable for longer.

Slip Resistance

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“I was concerned with the underside of the boot, that it there would not be enough grip. However, I was surprised with how much grip that you get on a variety of surfaces. We dealt with protestors on a motorway, where paint was thrown and go onto our clothing and shoes. Wet grass, albeit slippery, held well in comparison to my previous boots”

Stephen – Police

“The boots feature a unique grip on the sole of the boot. This initially appeared as a bit of a gimmick however I was pleasantly surprised at the grip that these boots offered in both wet and dry conditions.”

Melvin – Police

The Tactical Footwear range includes our unique HexaGrip sole which gives grip far beyond standard grip ratings, certified by the UK government’s HSL laboratory with a 4* GRIP rating.

Moreover, when considering how much time police officers spend on their feet, we made sure that our sole would stand the test of time, which is why we tested HexaGrip to one million steps, after which it still achieved a slip-resistance rating in excess of SRC.


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“The side zip on this boot offers a quick and simple way for me to remove my shoes after a long shift.”

Alice – Police

“The boots themselves appear well made and the side zipper allows for the boot to be put on and taken off with ease without having to untie the laces each time. A definite plus point after a long shift!”

Melvin - Police

During our research we found that regularly lacing and unlacing boots at either end of a long shift was considered inconvenient. A side-zip, which allows officers to easily put on and remove the boot without having to untie/tie laces, is a feature on four of the seven tactical footwear range styles.


We asked if Blackrock tactical footwear is a good choice for the police and the overwhelmingly positive feedback answers an emphatic ‘yes’. High levels of comfort throughout the day, combined with excellent grip and the penetration-resistant midsole that adds a crucial element of safety enables officers to carry out their work without being restricted.

All reviews were taken from Blackrock product listings on Patrol Store.

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