• Tactical Commander Boot
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Tactical Commander Boot

  • Lightweight metal-free composite midsole
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Side YKK zip for easy put on and removal
  • HexaGrip ultra non-slip sole
  • 300°C heat resistant, anti-static and fuel oil resistant PU/rubber sole
  • Blood borne pathogen resistant
  • EaziStep padded and breathable insole for comfort
  • Rating EN20347 O3 WR FO HRO SRC

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A high leg, non-safety occupational style, the Commander Boot is fully waterproof with side zip for easy put-on and removal. Featuring fully non-metallic construction, midsole to protect the foot against objects that penetrate from below, Blackrock's HSL GRIP 4 rated HexaGrip sole that gives market-leading slip resistance to keep you on your feet when it matters most and EaziStep padded insole for maximum comfort when on your feet for long periods, it is ideal for personnel who are not required to wear safety footwear as part of their uniform. Read More

Product Code: OF04
Size Range: 3 - 15
Safety Rating(s): EN20347 O3 WR FO HRO SRC
Protective Midsole
Fuel Oil Resistant
Slip Resistant
Energy Absorbing Heel
Metal Free
HRO Sole
HSL Grip Rated


DOWNLOAD SPECIFICATION Download Technical Data Sheet DOWNLOAD DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY DOWNLOAD DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY UKCA Declaration of Conformity (post-Brexit) UKCA Declaration of Conformity (post-Brexit)

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