Events | 23 August 2021

Visit Us at the Emergency Services Show 2021

We will be displaying our New Tactical Footwear Range at the Emergency Services Show on the 7th & 8th September. Visit us at the NEC, Hall 5, Stand L76.

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Three years of work has gone into creating a footwear range that we know to be unique. By implementing our own innovation into Tactical Footwear, we have created a range that will improve safety amongst emergency and public services and in turn reduce injury.

Featuring a metal-free protective midsole and 4* Grip rating, our Tactical Footwear range is engineered to keep you on your feet all day.

Protective Midsole

Our metal-free protective midsole is sewn into the base of the shoe. Made from a composite material our midsole provides the same level of protection as the steel alternative with the added benefit of being metal-free.

The composite midsole reduces the rigidity of the boot allowing it to flex more than a metal alternative. This feature lends itself particularly well to those who are required to drive for large amounts of time such as Paramedics and Traffic Officers.

The resulting affect is that our Tactical Footwear is significantly more lightweight, reduces muscle fatigue and improves comfort.

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“These boots are brilliant for all weather conditions and have provided excellent grip and waterproof properties in the snow and rain. The best I’ve worn since being in the industry”

Fire Service

Year on year slips and trips are the leading cause of injury in the workplace. Therefore, it is a vitally important risk to mitigate.

Achieving a 4* Grip Rating (awarded by the HSL) our HexaGrip sole is designed to be durable while providing a high level of grip to the wearer. The sole is engineered to rapidly disperse water whilst maximising the surface area in contact with the ground.

Considering the requirements of the public and emergency services, we tested our footwear towards one millon steps. This was to ensure that the high level of usage would not degrade the sole. After the test HexaGrip still achieved a slip rating of SRC, the highest level of slip resistance found within the occupational standard.

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EaziStep Padded Insoles

“The best, most comfortable work boots I’ve ever worn since doing this job for 12 years


Poor footwear increases strain and fatigue on a person’s legs. When considering a Police Officer walking a beat, reducing fatigue can play a crucial role in protecting the community.

Our EaziStep padded insoles are included as standard in all our Tactical Footwear keeping those on the frontline going for longer.

Metal Free

The Tactical Footwear range is metal free which makes them an intelligent choice for the likes of airport and security staff. Metal free footwear prevents the steel components being removed and used as a weapon which can help to protect Prison officers and inmates alike.

Come and visit us at the NEC on the 7th & 8th September, Hall 5, Stand L76. Book tickets here.