Editorial | 26 May 2021

Eazi-Breathe Respirator Key Features

Our new disposable respirators have several key features which elevate them above other products.

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Our new disposable respirators have several key features which elevate them above other products. Designed for comfort and convenience, Eazi-Breathe respirators will protect the wearer for an entire shift without causing discomfort.

TripTech Membrane

Eazi-Breathe’s membrane is composed of three material layers that are designed to filter respiratory hazards out of the air whilst maintaining the mask’s breathability.

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Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) padding around key areas enables Eazi-Breathe masks to evenly distribute the pressure exerted by the head straps.

The moulded respirators have EVA padding around the outside of the mask. Despite having a hard outer shell, the respirator fits snugly on the face whilst also maintaining a secure fit. The combination of these features allows the wearer to work safely and comfortably throughout their shift.

By contrast, the Eazi-Breathe fold-flat respirators have EVA padding across the nose bridge. The softer structure of this mask reduces pressure on the chin and neck whilst allowing it to achieve an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 20. In addition, the fold-flat masks can be easily stored in a pocket for convenience.

Turbo Value

The valve at the front of the mask helps to increase airflow around the face by 50%, preventing air within the mask from becoming stagnant. Stagnant air can become odorous and warm, either of which makes for uncomfortable wearing.

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*than en149 requirements 

Nose Wire

Shaping the flexible nose wire into place moulds the mask to the wearer’s face, providing a secure fitting and preventing contaminated air entering inside the mask.

In addition, the nose wire helps to reduce air escaping from the mask after exhaling, thus allowing the respirators to be worn with glasses by minimising condensation on the lenses.

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Fold2Fit Technology

The fold-flat respirators’ Fold2Fit sculpted panels enable the respirator to have a modular fit on the face. Whilst still hugging the face comfortably, the softer form of the respirator causes it to undulate with the curves of the face. Combined with the EVA padding over the nose bridge, this ensures a close, comfortable fit.

 The perforated edges and design of the panels prevent the mask from protruding from the face, allowing a less intrusive wearing experience. The compact nature of Fold2Fit makes it a more environmentally friendly respirator choice as less packaging is needed for the masks. 

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Head Strap

The dual head strap secures the mask across the face and under the chin without causing unnecessary pressure on sensitive areas. The straps pass around the back of the head (instead of using the ears as an anchor), in turn preventing the ears coming under strain and allowing for a more comfortable working day.

Additionally, the head straps on Eazi-Breathe Moulded Respirators are adjustable, providing a more secure fitting for varying head sizes and shapes.