Events | 09 March 2021


We’ve been working hard on re-branding Blackrock - discover more about what we’ve been doing

Unless you’re new to Blackrock, you’ve probably noticed that, along with our new website, the brand itself has a new look. We’ve designed a new logo with a look that says more about what the brand stands for: strong, modern and industrial. But it’s not just about a smart new logo: whether you’re specifying from your desk, browsing the web or making a choice in a shop, we’ve been working hard to make it quicker and easier for you identify the right products or ranges.

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Here are some of the main changes we’ve made:

- Footwear has been divided into families, grouped around a key function:

  • Dry - all Dry styles are fully waterproof, with a membrane impermeable to water engineered into the upper to ensure your feet stay dry even when you’re standing in water, not just splashing through it.
  • Light - metal-free is what defines Light: protective toe caps and midsoles are made from composite materials, which are lighter than traditional steel and help reduce fatigue, especially during extended periods of wear.
  • Clean - our range of hygiene footwear for cleanroom environments such as food preparation, medical and pharmaceutical has microfibre uppers that can be machine washed at 40°C
  • Work - our newest range, comprising Tactical and Occupational footwear for the emergency services, transport, security and postal sectors
  • Classic - the foundation of the footwear range, including timeless styles such as chukka, dealer and rigger boots, that all have toe cap and midsole as standard

- We’ve updated our retail packaging, simplifying the messages to just the key ones to help you identify the performance attributes you’re looking for.

- Comparing gloves is now much easier, with a hex device that shows 6 key attributes including grip, dexterity and cut resistance in an intuitive traffic light system.

- We’ve overhauled our website, rebuilding it from the ground up with a new design to help you better discover and navigate our ranges, more product photography both in the studio and in real life, 360 degree spin shots so you can see all around a product, bullet point video shorts for our footwear and glove ranges and comprehensive technical information sheets for all products.

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The new Blackrock branding is already starting to roll out across the range, and you’ll see the new logo and design appearing on products and packaging into 2021. So get in touch with us today - we’d love to chat about how Blackrock can work for you.