Cut resistant work gloves certified to the demanding ISO Test.

SteelSkin Liner | Dura Patch | ISO Cut Level Protection | Stretch Fabric

The cut resistant glove range features eight different styles, each designed to offer protection whilst enhancing the wearers performance. All eight styles achieve an ISO Cut Resistance rating of C or above, the Titanium-NS cut resistant glove has the highest level of cut resistance. Each glove style has its own coating, giving excellent grip in different scenarios.

Highest Level of Cut Protection

Engineered for Industry

Glass Handling
Component Handling
Steel & Metal
Wood Handling

Extended Glove Life

Dura Patch Reinforcement

All gloves in the Magnesium style feature Dura Patch reinforcement to protect the vulnerable thumb/forefinger webbing, extending the glove's life.

What do work glove abbreviations mean?

Work gloves shouldn’t be complicated. So what does PU, FN, LC etc mean?

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Cut Level 5 vs Cut Resistance Level F

In 2018 the testing method for cut-resistant gloves changed. And cut resistance went from numbers to letters.

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