Waterproof work boots made for durability and ultimate protection

Fully Waterproof | Protective Toe Cap | Anti-static | Protective Midsole | Slip Resistant

Our range of waterproof work boots features a selection of footwear that are not only designed to keep feet dry but also offer complete protection. Included in the Dry range are seven work boots and four wellingtons, each designed for specific industries. Work boots come with a protective toe cap and midsole as standard whilst also achieving a slip resistance rating in excess of SRC, the highest level of slip resistance for occupational footwear.

Lincoln Waterproof Metatarsal Boot

Our most advance waterproof work boots. Choosing this footwear ensures that the wearer is protected against all potential hazards. Not only does the Lincoln boot have essential protective features such as a toe cap and midsole, it is also metal free. Allowing the wearer to work safely in unique environments.

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Fully waterproof leather upper

Waterproof Membrane

A waterproof membrane is sewn into the leather upper of our waterproof work boot range. Waterproof boots have greater durability as footwear that is waterlogged is more susceptible to cracking and leaks.

Protective features, keeping the workforce safe.

Complete Protection

More than just a waterproof. Nine of the eleven footwear styles in the range feature:

Protective Midsole
Toe Cap
Fuel Oil Resistance
Slip Resistance
Energy Absorbing Heel