Dextra Touch Disposable Nitrile Glove

  • Powder-free non-sensitising nitrile
  • Ideal for handling solvents, oil and grease
  • Medical grade AQL 1.5 quality with good puncture and tear resistance
  • Ideal alternative to latex
  • Available in 100 pcs (50 pairs) per box and 10 pcs (5 pairs)


Blackrock's Dextra Touch disposable nitrile gloves give excellent sensitivity and dexterity and are medical grade 1.5 AQL quality, with good puncture and tear resistance. Powder-free and non-sterile, they are suitable for a wide range of general handling applications, as well as being ideal for people working with solvents, oil and grease such as mechanics, engineers, etc. They are also an excellent alternative for people with a latex allergy. Read More

Product Code: BRPFNG
Size Range: M - XL
Safety Rating(s): n/a

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Our Safety Standards

You’ve got enough things to worry about: safety shouldn’t be one of them. Independently certified to international standards and continuously tested to ensure the latest batch is as good as the first, you can rest easy: you’re in safe hands with Blackrock.

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